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Mikasa Kindergarten

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Thank you for visting our website.
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About us

The Mikasa Kindergarten is only a Catholicon Kindergarten in Yokosuka.
Children will be provided a chance to learn geniality, sympathy and gratitude to others through activities at Mikasayouchien. If you and your children are interested in Japanese cultures, Mikasayouchien is the best choice for you.In case of you can’t speak Japanese,we are very sorry to tell you that we can’t accept you.

A day of Mikasayouchien


Children come to Mikasayouchien


School starts


Monday/Wednesday/Friday — Obento
Tuesday/Thursday  — School Lunch


School ends


Extended childcare (See nexts)

about extended child care

April 1st~ March 31
*on regular school days
AM7:30~9:00 (Fee \300 for every time)
PM2:00~3:00 (Fee\300 for every time)
PM3:00~6:30 (Fee\150 per half an hour)
*on half-schooldays
AM11:30~12:30 (Fee\300 for every time)
PM12:30~6:30 (Fee\150 per half an hour )
*on Spring/Summer/Winter holidays
AM7:30~PM6:30 (Fee\150 per half an hour )

三笠幼稚園 登園
三笠幼稚園 祈り
三笠幼稚園 お昼
三笠幼稚園 遊び
三笠幼稚園 保育

Annual events

April     Entrance ceremony. First semester starts.

May     Mother’s day. St.Mary’s day

June     Picnic. Parents visiting day.

July      Parents/teacher meeting
       Tanabata festival, Summer festival, Swimming pool.

August     Classroom cleaning day

September  Second semester starts.

October    Sports day. Picnic(Potato digging, Orange picking)

November   Seven-Five-Three festival. Field trip.

December   Christmas pageant and party.

January     Trial class for new kindergartener.

February   Mamemaki. Okaimono. Parents visiting day.

March     Hinamatsuri. Kindergarten Commencement

Application Guideline 2024

Accepting number of students:

1 year schooling (5-year-old)  5 students

2 year schooling (4-year-old) 10 students
3 year schooling (3-year-old) 35 students

Application distribution:

Starting on Monday, October16
From 8:30 to 16:30 (Monday through Friday)

Accepting application:

Wednesday, November 1st between 8:30 and 13:00


Prospective students to fill out the designated application form and bring \ 2,000
for enrollment testing fee.


Thursdy, November 2nd 
Schedule to be notified when application accepted.

Enrollment procedure:

After the interview, if decided to enroll, on November 2nd
please make a payment of the following:

Admission fee:

Admission fee : 10,000yen
※ Please note that we cannot refund the admission fee once the payment is made.

Tuition (monthly):

Free of Toition only  
① If you use school bus to and from the school, please cover ¥ 3,000 a month.

  If you don’t use school bus, please cover ¥3,000 a year.
② Education Fee (\3,000) will be charged monthly.
③ There are school lunch fee, required books, and other fees every month.


Actual expenses

①There are 5 bus routes to Mikasa Youchien

​②Bus fee (for those to use the bus):3,000yen(Monthly), 

   1,500yen for a one-way trip. Common bus fee(for those not to use the bus):


③There will be a charge for school lunch, picture books, and other actual 



①Interviews will be held on the morning of Thursday, November 2.

   If you are successful, we will call you by 1:00p.m. on the same day.

   Please come to Mikasa Youchien with your child to complete the 

   enrollment procedures between 2 and 4p.m. on the same day.

②Please bring the enclosed questionnaire with you when you apply.

Contact us

82-9 Inaoka-cho, Yokosuka-shi
Tel: 046-823-1273

​Mikasa Kindergarten Information 2024

Click here for Mikasa Kindergarten students. 

Password requied.

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